It’s no coincidence that a lot of surnames repeat in this cast list! The Scent of Gravity was created in part to be able to work with some of the marvelous voice acting talent available to writer/producer Quinn Ila Reid among their family and friends. The final piece of the puzzle was meeting Corey Selover, who brought Lana to life.

From time to time, we have guest voice talent on the show. These guests aren’t listed here, but you can find their names in the show credits and on the episode pages.

Most cast members voice a variety of incidental characters. The ones shown below are just the recurring roles.

Su Reid-St.JohnClarity
Corey SeloverLana Quel
Jonah HagansHopewell, Iuri Polat
Kathryn BlumeSmellbot, Consummate Fork, Ingeborg
Jonathan HallShiny Orb
Quinn Ila ReidLana’s Journal, Various Announcers
Jennifer St.JohnGemma (Interspecies Gate Authority official), Bluplup
Raine ReidZevrek, Time Process, Eyepiece
Jason LorberClarity