Episode 2: What You Call the Dark

Released Saturday, March 11th, 2023

Ignoring the rising danger in her quest to find her sister, Lana scours obscure corners of Free Boots to learn about the mysterious organization called The Restoration.

Sponsor: Nuclee-O’s
You can taste the destruction in every bite!

written, directed, and engineered by Quinn Ila Reid


LanaCorey Selover
Time Process
Master Thug 2
Raine Reid
Lana’s Journal
Master Thug 1
Nuclee-O’s Announcer
Quinn Ila Reid
Editing Computer
Jonah Hagans
Shiny Orb
Nuclee-O’s Adult Energy Being
Jonathan Hall
Nuclee-O’s Kid Energy BeingShannon Perdue
Master Thug 3
Shiny Orb’s Greetbot
Memylen 2
Jennifer St.John
Memylen 1special guest Sam St.John
SmellbotKathryn Blume

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