Episode 11 (Season Finale): The Anemone Gardens

Lana and Clarity confront the AI Consortium, and Clarity receives a centuries-old message.

Sponsor: The new holographic feature film from the artifically-preserved brain of Wes Anderson, The Esteemed Uranus Society.

written, directed, and engineered by Quinn Ila Reid


Corey SeloverLana
Jonah HagansIuri, Hopewell Prime
Jonathan HallAusybunyt Luna 114
Kathryn BlumeThe Smellbot, all the Ingeborgs
Jennifer St.JohnBluplup
Quinn Ila ReidLana’s Journal
Su Reid-St.JohnClarity, Fair Nessa
Jason LorberClarity, the Larva
Raine ReidTime Process, Captain Huzzah!
special guest J. Louis Reid1.772

in commercial

Quinn Ila ReidNarrator
Su Reid-St.JohnEloise St.Cardinal
Jonah HagansSecond Assistant Captain Chuff-Chuff
Raine ReidBud Cocklestar
J. Louis ReidDr. Ghiplip
Jennifer St.JohnTansy Bracamontes
Kathryn BlumeB12

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