Episode 10: It’s a Trick Question

Lana gets a slimy foster child, Gemma tests Clarity, and a pea for kelp does not fall on deaf queers.

Sponsor: Grokutol
When you suffer from inter-organ warfare, take Grokutol for fast relief!

written, directed, and engineered by Quinn Ila Reid


Raine ReidTime Process, Captain Huzzah!
Kathryn BlumeThe Smellbot, Ingeborg
Corey SeloverLana
Quinn Ila ReidLana’s Journal
Jason LorberClarity, the Lava
J. Louis ReidGemma’s Greetbot, Grokutol Presenter
Su Reid-St.JohnClarity, Fair Nessa
Jonah HagansHopewell Prime
Jennifer St.JohnBluplup, Gemma

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