Episode 7: Stress Creative

Lana and her allies come directly up against the Restoration, and a heartbroken Kanilen is served fish lips.

Sponsor: Shimmery Shirt’s Lifelong Furniture Emporium
It’s not yours: you’re just using it!

written, directed, and engineered by Quinn Ila Reid


Su Reid-St.JohnClarity
Jonah HagansIuri Polat
Kathryn BlumeIngeborg, Smellbot, Consummate Fork
Jennifer St.JohnGreen Kanilen
Jason LorberClarity
Jonathan HallArmored Master
Corey SeloverLana, Weeping Kanilen
Quinn Ila ReidLana’s Journal
Raine ReidTime Process, Erymitylen, Zevrek

Shimmery Shirt Commercial

Su Reid-St.JohnShimmery Shirt
Jennifer St.JohnWeird Shirt
Quinn Ila ReidCunning Hat

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