Episode 8: The Flowers of Catastrophe

Lana and Clarity find Verali. It doesn’t go as they’d hoped.

Sponsor: TwenCen America Historical Theme Park
Where history comes back from the dead!

written, directed, and engineered by Quinn Ila Reid


Corey SeloverLana Quel
Quinn Ila ReidLana’s Journal
Raine ReidTime Process, Zevrek
Jason LorberClarity
Kathryn BlumeSmellbot, Ingeborg
Jennifer St.JohnBluplup, Gemma
Jonah HagansIuri, Hopewell
Su Reid-St.JohnVerali

in commercial

Jonathan HallAnnouncer
Su Reid-St.JohnKid 2
Jonah HagansKid 1
Jennifer St.JohnParent
Raine ReidGrampa

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