Raine Reid

Raine Reid (they/them) lives in South Burlington, Vermont and enjoys fantastical fiction, digital doodling, language learning, weird speculative biology video essays, breathing, and cats. In addition to acting on the show, they contribute creatively to some of the story and character ideas.

Raine says, “I put a lot of stock into the power of storytelling to show us worlds beyond our everyday lives and connect those disparate elements with familiar problems, personalities, narratives, etc. I wrote a few short plays in high school … always something of a fringe theater geek, but never quite committed. I’m fond of character work through tabletop roleplaying games — tried running games a few times, love acting out whacky NPCs with funny voices, but never quite have enough energy for an ongoing campaign. I inherited my grandfather’s knack for villains and was once told by a babysitter that I have an inherently evil laugh.”

recurring roles: Zevrek, Time Process, Eyepiece