Episode 1: Lana Quel’s Death Diary

Release date: Saturday, February 25th, 2023 – 3pm Eastern Time

Dogged lunar transwoman Lana Quel travels to the distant and honestly kinda sketchy space station called Free Boots in search of her estranged sister, Verali, who has been abducted by persons unknown.

Sponsor: (clicking noise) Removable Appendages
Try some this solar cycle–or lose out to someone who did!

written, directed, and engineered by Quinn Ila Reid


LanaCorey Selover
Lana’s Journal
Lusiol Announcer
Greetbot Announcer
Killbot 1
Quinn Ila Reid
Current Lusiol Captain (over PA)
Kathryn Blume
Time Process
Rude Master
Squeaky the Robot
Raine Reid
9th Hour Lusiol CaptainJonathan Hall
Gemma (Interspecies Gate Authority official)Jennifer St.John
Joseph (Golden Torch Trade Representative)
(clicking noise) Removable Appendages Announcer
Jonah Hagans

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