Magnificent Zgwirnias

The Magnificent Zgwirnias is a carnivorous plant native to Zariki, which was cultivated for decoration and entertainment value by the now-extinct Zarikilen. It has hairy, reddish stalks and vines; green, spade-shaped leaves; and brilliant violet flower pods lined with sharp teeth in a spiral pattern.

Normally only a few inches tall and subsisting mainly on insects, the Magnificent Zgwirnias grows throughout its lifespan. Specimens in the wild can grow up to five feet tall, and certain rare, cultivated specimens more than a century old have been known to reach fifteen feet tall or taller and are capable of eating full-grown sentients of some carbon-based species.

Notable for its muscular, prehensile vines and its active capture of prey, the Magnificent Zgwirnias also intrigues xenobotanists with the flexibility of its diet. It has been known to subsist on life forms from a wide variety of planets, one of the few species that can digest alien organic matter without genetic modification.