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The Taniynylen (Syteizon for “dragon person”) were (or possibly are) a highly intelligent, warlike species of sentients that are believed to be extinct. They colonized and terraformed (or taniynyformed) two large moons in their home system 130,000 years before human civilization began, but the constant battles among the Taniynylen nations, religions, and factions weakened their civilization, at which point a multi-world pandemic did the rest of the job of wiping them out … probably.

Averaging about 12 feet tall, scaled, with long snouts, four eyes (two in front, two on the sides of their heads), four arms, and two legs, Taniynylen ranged in color from mahogany to deep black. They mated in groups of three, but rarely kept long-term bonds with their mates. Many were in the habit of wearing carbon fiber armor even in the most mundane circumstances. Other sentient beings were not greatly interesting to them, although they did trade on a limited basis.

It’s not uncommon to hear rumors of Taniynylen sightings, but they rarely seem to amount to anything.

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